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Discover The Culinary Delights Of The Virgin Islands On Our Charter Boats

As you embark on your culinary voyage through the Virgin Islands, expand your dining options and arrive in style on a premier boat charter. While the islands—St. Thomas, St. John, Water Island and the British Virgin Islands—are universally acclaimed for their sapphire waters and golden beaches, the local cuisine holds its own enchanting allure. 

Lunch is not included in your boat charter package, however, most guests prefer to include a lunch stop in their full-day charter itinerary. Mention something you would like to try from the below list to your charter captain and they may be able to recommend their favorite local eatery to visit during your charter or during another meal on your vacation.  

Here’s a taste of what awaits as you explore the Virgin Islands:

1. Conch: Virgin Islands conch, a marine mollusk, can be found in various preparations, including conch fritters, conch chowder and conch salad. The meat is tenderized, marinated and mixed with fresh local ingredients such as bell peppers, onions and tomatoes, making for a refreshing dish, during your day on the water.

A popular favorite amongst our guests, captains and crew are the conch fritters from Dinghy’s Beach Bar & Grill on Honeymoon Beach at Water Island. 

Guests 'cheersing' refreshing cocktails on at a table on the beach at Dinghy's Beach Bar, Water Island.

Dinghy’s Beach Bar on Honeymoon Beach, Water Island

2. Island-Style Roti: Embrace the Indian influences of the Caribbean with our range of rotis, filled with curried chicken, beef, or vegetables.

3. Pate: A favored snack in St. Thomas, enjoy these deep-fried pastries filled with meat fillings.

4. Fresh Fish: Freshly caught fish dishes can be found on most menus throughout the islands, including at the popular day-charter lunch destination, Lovango Resort + Beach Club.

Seas the Day Charters vessel SY Sirena docked at Lovango Resort + Beach Club

SY Sirena docked at Lovango Resort + Beach Club

5. Johnnycake: Fried breads or dumplings made from a simple mixture of flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and water. Slightly sweet and crispy on the outside, johnnycakes are a versatile treat that can be eaten with savory dishes or enjoyed on their own.

6. Saltfish: Saltfish, or dried and salted cod, is another pillar of the Virgin Islands’ culinary scene. Typically the fish is then flaked and sautéed with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and spices. 

7. Callaloo: A West African-origin soup, offering a blend of local seafood and spices that’s perfect for a seaside lunch.

8. Virgin Islands Beverages: From soothing bush teas made from local herbs to the spirited Painkiller which originated at the famous Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke, enjoy pairing a refreshing beverage with your meal. 

To make your way to the Soggy Dollar Bar and other British Virgin Islands destinations, book a full-day charter to the BVI aboard M/V Poseidon and M/V Aquarius. Passports required.

Have the best day of your vacation with Seas the Day Charters USVI. Our team looks forward to helping your group plan your perfect day charter itinerary and having you join us on board.



August 31, 2023