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About Us

Seas And Greetings From Seas The Day Charters!

We are a full-service charter company based in St. Thomas USVI that works tirelessly to ensure you and your guests enjoy your time while on island in the Virgin Islands. From private day sails, week long vacations to fast and fun trips to the British Virgin Islands, we will ensure you and your party have fun and stay safe doing it!

At Seas the Day Charters, we offer you the finest late model charter boats for private day sails or power boat rentals.  We have 12 company owned yachts, sailing catamarans and power boats to choose from.  And, all of our private day charters include ice, water, soda and beer.  All of our sailing catamarans also include our signature Seas the Day Rum Punch – guaranteed to make you island happy!

We employ only the island’s best talent; our  Captains are all highly certified with the vessels they sail, our First Mates have years aboard luxury sail vessels taking care of guests’ and the well-being of the boat. You are in superior hands when you board a Seas the Day Charters watercraft.

Our “On Island” team will make sure that every detail is attend to and works to exceed your expectations. Whether you need transportation to and from our boats, a special bottle of champagne or even a Calypso band playing when you arrive to the marina; we can make it happen for you to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

We promise to make your private charter “The Best Day of Your Vacation”. This is why we are the #1 Outdoor Activity as rated by Tripadvisor and selected for the 2023 Travelers Choice Award.

Let us show you the crystal clear waters of the Virgin Islands and the beauty of our island.

Amphitrite Digital

Seas the Day Charters USVI is a proud member of the Amphitrite Digital family of companies. Amphitrite Digital companies and their dedicated employees and partners host 90,000 guests annually and provide the opportunity to enjoy ‘A Day, a Week and a Lifetime’ of experiences.

With a foundation rooted in digital technology and innovation, Amphitrite Digital uses advanced digital technology platforms to market, manage and operate in-destination tours, activities and events in the U.S. and the Caribbean. With several operating entities in addition to Seas the Day Charter USVI which include Magens Hideaway and Mermaid’s Den also in the Caribbean, Tall Ship Windy in Chicago, Illinois and Paradise Adventures Catamarans and Watersports in Panama City Beach, Florida; Amphitrite Digital is one of the largest maritime tour activity operators in the markets they serve. Amphitrite Digital companies are consistently ranked as leading tour activity operators.

Seas And Greetings

We are happy to see you on our website looking for the perfect way to spend your time in the Virgin Islands.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us directly and we can customize a package for you to make your vacation perfect!

Warm Wishes,

Seas the Day Team


Recent News

For the most recent Seas the Day Charters USVI news, check out our updates below! 

Seas the Day Charters Expands U.S. Virgin Islands Fleet

Seas the Day Charters rental boat Argo docked at Red Hook, St. Thomas

Seas the Day Charters USVI has purchased a 41-foot catamaran, the Sailing Yacht Argo, to offer charters for guests to enjoy breathtaking sightseeing sails and explorations of sea life in crystal clear waters. SY Argo sails from Buck Island to Water Island, book now! Read the full press release.

Amphitrite Digital Announces New Management Appointments

Sea Horse as part of Seas the Day Charters USVI logo

Amphitrite Digital has announced new management appointments to the leading tour activity operator company. Congratulations Captain Holly Payne! Read the full press release.

Meet Our Captains And Crew!

Captain Emeritus Gregory Pogan

Captain Gregory Pogan grew up with a love of the water. From childhood his family owned a boat, and summer vacations were spent at Lake Cumberland, KY. At the tender age of five years old “Pogan” as he likes to be called, learned to help his dad steer the family pontoon boat.

Pogan first visited St Thomas in the summer of 1998, to witness a wedding. Falling in love with the islands, he did not waste any time, and moved to St Thomas in the fall of 1998. Originally from Ohio, Pogan studied Management and Marketing at Ashland University, but after working on land in St Thomas for two years, he realized that his passion was for boating and the sea. Pogan earned his USCG 100 Ton Captain’s License in 2001, and quickly set about trading his 9 to 5 job for a life of freedom and adventure on the sea.

Captain Pogan has spent the last 15 years exploring the waters of the Virgin Islands as a charter captain and rescue diver. Pogan loves nothing more than to be out on the water, with visitors and locals alike, sharing the beautiful sights, abundant nature, and amazing stories he has collected over the years about our local Caribbean islands. Laid back, professional, and knowledgeable are some terms frequently used to describe his personality. Captain Pogan looks forward to helping Safari’s guests have experiences and create memories that they will treasure for a lifetime!

Captain Gregory Pogan was Seas the Day Charters very first Captain in the USVI.  He was a friend and a colleague as well as our Captain.  In December of 2021, Captain Pogan set sail for Ultima Thule.  He is missed daily.

Captain Aaron (Wallens)

Captain Wallens is originally from Buffalo, New York but doesn’t enjoy snow and cold so he moved to South Florida in his early twenties after college. He began traveling back and forth between Nantucket, Massachusetts and Palm Beach seasonally. He had a natural passion for wine and studied to become a certified level 2 master sommelier and traveled all over the country designing wine lists and selling wine. He worked in Hawaii, Key West and Denver before he finally landed in St Thomas. Eventually he retired from the restaurant industry to pursue his true passion, boating. Captain Wallens now holds a USCG 100 ton masters license with sailing endorsement. He has worked on all different types of vessels from small powerboats, to 65 ft catamarans, to ferry boats. He loves sea life and snorkeling and is extremely knowledgeable about the coral throughout the USVI. Let him show you the best of the best here!

Captain Alex

Captain Alex grew up very much in the outdoors of Wisconsin’s forests, lakes and marshlands. At one point in time his Dad was the president of Northland Cranberry Juice, and he helped flood the bogs and push the floating berries onto the conveyor to the waiting trucks. A dramatic turn in his life was the decision to decline his enrollment invitation to the Air Force Academy; all of his stacked cards fell to the ground. He moved to Alaska to attempt homesteading, failed, and then to Boston where he was cradled by the historic culture of sailing. Boats, boats, boats . . . His meandering path included Tall-Ship tenures along the Eastern Seaboard, the Florida Keys, Lake Michigan and whale watching in Whittier, Alaska. Now for more than 10 years, St. Thomas has been his home and is the birthplace of his four beautiful children. He’s proud to honor the tradition of our Islanders’ expectations of hospitality and allow his talents as a mariner and explorer to guide his guests’ experience to be one of awe.

First Mate Alicia

Born in Kennesaw, Georgia she found her love of the water at an early age. Alicia spent her summers on the water, either at Lake Wedowee, Alabama and/or in the beautiful Caribbean waters. As a teenager, Alicia worked as a lifeguard for local pools, as well as providing swim lessons for children. You will find that she enjoys spending time in the water snorkeling for starfish and octopus, and she never turns down an opportunity to free dive with an underwater camera. To say she is a mermaid, is an understatement. With her PADI Open Water certification, Alicia loves to dive and explore the underwater world. You may see her snorkeling and taking photos of guests enjoying their own underwater experience so they may have photos to look back on their memories made.

First Mate Amanda

After visiting St. Thomas on a cruise ship, Amanda knew by the end of the day that she’d be moving to the Caribbean in her near-future. Living, working and playing in/on the water and spending time outdoors is something she wanted more of in life. Since moving to St. Thomas in early 2019, she has worked as crew on boats. Additionally, she’s earned her STCW certification, PADI Open Water certification and a 50-Ton USCG license.
In her off time, if she’s not hiking, diving or boating, you can find her reading, island hopping or eating and drinking her way through the rest of the world.

Captain AnneMarie

One with the turtles, kin to the dolphins and forever courting whales; Captain AnneMarie is your mermaid from another hermaid! Hailing from Texas she’s naturally full-of-bull, but man she’s got some stories. Some of them are true. AnneMarie found herself marooned in the Caribbean twelve years ago and has been doing her best to entertain folks and keep her boat on the top side of the water ever since. Her tons of experience, and being a for-real pirate makes Captain AnneMarie a hoot and a half to go swashbuckling with.

Captain Bryan, Esq.

After years of searching the globe, Captain Bryan has found his happy place on the gorgeous waters of the Virgin Islands. His wanderlust led him through Mexico and Chile where he worked as a volunteer; England and Spain where he studied philosophy and law; the tundra of Chicago, Illinois where he endured a desk job for eleven years; and Alaska where he tried his hand as a commercial salmon fisherman. Two years after moving to St. Thomas, hurricanes Irma and Maria gave him his “category-5 nudge” to follow his dream of becoming a captain and he has not looked back. Let Captain Bryan show you why he has fallen in love with the Caribbean! Something you might not know about Bryan: While in Chicago, Bryan was an avid triathlete, competing in over 25 races, including 3 Ironman competitions (1.2 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run).

Captain Greg

Captain Greg has been in the Virgin Islands for over a decade. Marketing and HR Consulting was not his passion, so as a hobby, he became a SCUBA Instructor which opened a desire to be on the ocean. This passion is what motivated him to relocate to the islands and start working in the dive industry. In 2017, he earned his Masters Mariner Credential and recently he completed his STCW II/3 which is an international endorsement. Captain Greg and his wife, Amari, call St. Thomas their island home and love to introduce guests to the island way of life. Welcome to our islands!

Captain Hillary

Captain Hillary grew up in Richmond, Virginia. After graduating from George Mason University she travelled throughout South Africa and Southeast Asia and later lived in Thailand working as a divemaster. After Thailand, she lived in Europe before returning to America and attending graduate school at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. In 2002, she received a Master’s of International Environmental Policy with a concentration on small island developing countries. This led her to the United States Virgin Islands where she worked on island-specific environmental issues. Her interest in the marine environment led to her career on boats and sharing her knowledge of the marine environment. Hillary holds a 100T USCG Captain’s license and after almost two decades serving as both captain and crew, the yachting industry is her career. When she is not working she enjoys international travel, gardening, ethnic cooking and working with rescue animals.

Captain Jay

Meet Captain Jay, a seasoned mariner whose life reads like an adventure novel, from South Texas ranches to the open seas. His upbringing amidst ranches and rodeos instilled a robust work ethic and a love for vast, open spaces. But his deep-rooted connection to the Guadalupe River ignited his passion for the water, setting sail for a life of boundless exploration.

Inspired by the novel “The Dove” which he read when he was in 8th grade, Jay’s love for the water runs deep. With over three decades of sailing experience and a USCG 100 Ton Master’s License, he has honed his sailing prowess by navigating the challenges of open oceans and competitive races. Captain Jay commands not just sails but a spectrum of vessels, showcasing his versatility. From sailing solo through a hurricane to encountering a tiger shark, Jay’s maritime adventures are as thrilling as they are unforgettable.

With a knack for connecting with people and a passion for educating others about the Virgin Islands, Jay brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to every charter. Ask Captain Jay where his favorite snorkeling spot in the Virgin Islands is, and he’ll tell you about the enchanting Henley Cay and the mysterious Tektite, both vibrant with marine life.

Whether it’s cooking, traveling or spending time with his grandkids, Captain Jay finds joy in every aspect of life on and off the water. Join Captain Jay for an unforgettable journey where every moment is filled with excitement and the timeless allure of the ocean.

First Mate JW

JW moved to the Virgin Islands to try and find a better life after graduating college right when the economic recession hit in 2008. After working for several years he left to pursue his dream of working with exotic animals. In between stints of working with big cats and elephants, he would return to the VI to soak up the warm sun and cool vibes. The 2 category 5 hurricanes swept him off the island for a couple years. When he returned he got into marine salvage and from there, transitioned to working as crew for Seas the Day.

First Mate Kianna

A seasoned adventurer who traded the skies for the open seas. Previously a flight attendant, Kianna’s desire for new horizons led her to become an invaluable deckhand on our team. Her transition from the air to the water was seamless, and she brought with her a refreshing sense of humor that keeps the entire crew in high spirits.
Eager to learn and always up for a challenge, Kianna embodies the spirit of our team. On board, she takes on the role of a vigilant lookout, ensuring our guests have unforgettable experiences by spotting sea turtles, stingrays and the vibrant marine life that inhabits colorful reef ecosystems. Kianna’s enthusiasm and dedication make her an essential part of our crew, turning each journey into a delightful and adventurous maritime experience.

Captain Maddy

Captain Maddy spent 10 years of her childhood living on a 50 ft sailboat in the BVI and is always on, or in, the water! Her professional career started in 2011 as a deckhand/ dive instructor. She has traveled all over the world and has captained 50-60 ft catamarans, monohulls and powerboats. She also worked as a deckhand and mate on super yachts for about 4 years in the waters everywhere from Spain to Abu Dhabi. If she’s not at work sailing around you can find her free diving, hiking or at the bar!

Captain Vic, Safety Officer

Captain Vic is your onboard expert who is all about the sun, sea and adventure. With a simple yet thrilling professional journey of “driving boats and things,” Vic brings a wealth of experience navigating the waters with ease.

Beyond the helm, Vic enjoys indulging in the finer things in life, like fine art and pizza, embodying a perfect balance of sophistication and laid-back island vibes. What inspired this aquatic lifestyle? For Captain Vic, it’s all about that perpetual tan and the freedom of going shoeless.

When it comes to snorkeling in the Virgin Islands, Vic’s top pick is Christmas Cove, where the underwater world comes alive in vibrant hues. And speaking of underwater adventures, Vic once had a close encounter with a shark, adding a thrilling chapter to his maritime memoirs.

What brings Vic the most joy as a captain? It’s all about sharing those unforgettable moments and experiences with others, fostering connections and creating lasting memories.

While exploring the marine life beneath the water’s surface, Vic fondly remembers swimming through a mesmerizing school of yellowtail snapper, a breathtaking encounter that never fails to amaze.

But Vic isn’t just your average captain – he has a quirky talent: driving with his tanned feet, a skill that adds an unexpected twist to his role on the water.

Living in the Virgin Islands, Vic cherishes the perfect weather that allows for endless days of exploration and adventure. Join Captain Vic on an unforgettable journey where every moment is filled with sunshine, excitement and the beauty of the ocean.

First Mate Yosef

Yosef is a seasoned professional who infuses every moment with adventure and unforgettable experiences. With over a decade at ESPN, he brought boundless energy to sports coverage before venturing into Miami’s vibrant scene as a bartender. Eventually, he found his way to the stunning shores of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Having honed his skills at renowned venues like MSG and Barclays, Yosef rediscovered his love for the crystal-clear waters of St. Thomas, where he now channels his passion for boats and the sea. Beyond his maritime pursuits, Yosef is an avid sports enthusiast, a sunset seeker and a movie buff who appreciates the art of storytelling.

Inspired by his deep connection to the water and a lifetime of teamwork, Yosef finds joy in engaging with charter guests, sharing stories and creating unforgettable experiences. Where is his favorite snorkeling spot in the VI? Tektite at Great Lameshur Bay, St. John where marine life thrives in unparalleled beauty.

While encounters with sea life are always thrilling, Yosef’s most memorable snorkeling moment involved an octopus leading him on a playful chase, only to be tricked as the clever creature revealed the final destination was through fire coral.

On deck, Yosef finds joy in connecting with each guest and learning about their journey, a testament to his warmth and hospitality. Join Yosef for an adventure on the water, where every moment is filled with excitement, compassion and the beauty of the sea.

Director of Operations Pat

Pat was born in Western New York and majored in Hospitality at Broward College in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He has spent almost 50 years in the restaurant business, starting out as a bartender working in many positions and then worked his way up to V.P. of Operations for Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He retired from the hospitality business in December 2019 and then started with Seas the Day in January of 2020. Pat and his wife enjoy traveling and boating and have owned five of their own boats.

Assistant General Manager, Captain Holly Payne

Holly Payne is a USCG licensed 100-ton Master Captain with years of maritime experience, including more than a decade at the helm navigating the waters of the Virgin Islands. She is a leader, responsible for the company’s operations and ensuring captains, crew and support personnel enjoy working as part of an exceptional team as they continue to be a top charter company in the Caribbean.
Captain Holly’s maritime career began on The Arabella, a 160-foot schooner, where she sailed in and around the New England Waters and to the Caribbean. Before joining the Seas the Day Charters USVI team in 2021, she was a freelance captain where she gained extensive knowledge of the US and British Virgin Islands, from both land and sea.
When Holly isn’t out boating for fun, you’ll find her remodeling and renting properties on St. Thomas and St. John or giving tours to friends and family of the beautiful islands we call home.

Director of Guest Services Hope

Year round warm weather, tasty island drinks and the clear, turquoise water inspired Hope to make St. Thomas her permanent home after only one week on vacation to the Virgin Islands. Since leaving California in 2017, Hope has spent her time honing her bartending skills, earning her Master Captain’s license and spending hundreds of days on the water learning about exactly what it takes to show guests the BEST day of their vacation! In early 2022, Hope joined Seas the Day’s “behind-the-scenes” team and now serves as our Director of Guest Services. She now spends her time working with guests before their vacation to ensure a perfect day! Her tan might be fading, but her passion for the marine industry and creating lifelong memories is unwavering. Call Hope to plan the amazing boat day you’ve always dreamed about!